Website Design Disclaimer

Saturn Computers LLC and its members will not knowingly design a website nor host a website that is doing or promoting anything illegal or unethical as determined by law or our company. We will not be held responsible for the content or the actions of those for whom we design, redesign or host a website.

If the material (photos, videos, information) is not original to our clients, we hold our clients responsible for obtaining the necessary permission required to use that material on their website. We simply design and put the content on their website as directed by our clients. In other words, we will not be held responsible for any copyright infringements and declare that responsibility for obtaining permission to use photos, videos, content, etc. lies with our clients, who provide us with the material they want used on the website we are designing for them.

If we are notified in writing that any infringement has occurred or that there is a dispute about the website content, we will remove that material from the website in question until we are notified in writing that the dispute has been resolved.

Regarding pages we translate for our customer. We use the Google translate tool to translate words and phrases as requested by our client. We can not be responsible for the quality of the translation. Our client may hire or request us to hire someone proficient in the language in question so a better translation may be created.

And finally, our clients, by signing a simple contract or agreeing to terms in an email to have us design or host their website or by just paying us to create their website for them are also agreeing to allow us to use their website in our promotional materials. This includes our linking to their website from our website and having a link from their website to ours, usually inconspicuously in the copyright informaiton.

We will submit our client's website to about 50 search engines including the three that get 98% of the traffic on the Internet. Also, we will customize the page content and the meta tags to maximize indexing and search engine results. However, we make no guarantees implied or implicit as to the number of hits our client's websites will receive, their sales results, nor where their website may appear on search engines results.

Thank you.

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