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Costs? General pricing is listed below, but since your website needs are unique, please contact us for a free e-mail, phone or in-person consultaion so we can provide you with a custom estimated quote.

Website Domain Name Purchase Service Costs

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If you do not already own your domain name, you can purchase it yourself or we can work with you and purchase that for you in your name, so you own it, not us. We will need your credit card information for this. Your investment is about $10 to $15 or less per year and we can save you a little by purchasing your domain name for 5 to 10 years, which is recommended.

We charge a small fee for providing this service unless we are designing and hosting your website, then we do this for you free of charge. It is advised that a domain name be purchased for a minimum of three years to increase the odds and shorten the time in which your website will be picked up by the various search engines and web crawlers. Also, if your website is a company or organization with its own name and address, there is no need to pay double and purchase a private domain.

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Website Hosting Service Costs

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Hosting your website can be as minimal as $4.95 per month for a small informational website or $9.95 per month for an ecommerce website and depends entirely upon the amount of space you need on the web server for your website and e-mails. You can think of this as rent for server space for your website and e-mails. This is payable each year for the whole year. Even if you do not need our design services, we can host your site on our web server. Unlimited emails, forwarding and email spam protection is part of this service.

Note: When we design and host your website, you are agreeing to our including a small, unobtrusive link to our website at the bottom of your copyright information on the bottom of each page. And we will include a photo link and name link to your website from our website, usually on our portfolio page.. Including reciprocal links to other websites is actually very beneficial to both parties as web crawlers and search engines look for links when deciding to list and where to list a website.

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Custom Website Design Service Costs

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We are currently offering a special for our customers to allow them to spread the cost of their website design over 12 months without incurring any finance charge.

We charge a basic price (minimum three pages), then a per page price for each page after three pages and a low per hour price to maintain a website. After a free consultation, we can provide you with a basic quote. The final cost depends entirely on the complexity of each page and the time it takes to develop and implement that page.* Some special website design features require additional time and are done for an additional charge. See Special Website Design Features. As needs are individual and fees change, please contact us for a basic custom quote.

General basic costs for our custom website design services are...
$1000 for the custom design, the home page and two additional pages, the navigation, the css, the template and all the details included and needed to set up your professional website.
Then, $250 per page for each page after that up to 11 pages.
If we are creating 11 to 20 pages for you, the price would be $225 per page after the first ten pages.
If we are creating 21 or more pages for you, the price would be $200 per page after the first ten pages.
A webpage is defined below at the star *.

Photos (beyond the six allowed in our definition below) and special additions to each page like videos, slideshows, photo galleries (10 - 12 per page), forms, etc., may require extra time to implement and special handling to make each page efficient to open and again are dealt with individually and may cost a little more. Signing a simple contract or agreeing to have us design a website in an email for a specified price per hour or quote and a small non-refundable deposit of $500 minimum, is necessary to begin the work on your website. We are happy to extend a courtesy payment plan to our clients, so that you can spread the cost of the initial website design out over 12 months with no finance charge being incurred.

*We define a page for the per page pricing or as agreed to in writing to be approximately 800 x 600 pixels and includes the overall design, the implementation, the link bars for easy navigation, the header which would include your logo (logo graphic design or header graphic art is an extra charge), a reasonable amount of content, the footer which includes your copyright information, including your text in the body of the page, and up to six photos (this includes your logo as one image/photo or header).

Your design will include the use of CSS and most likely a template so changes you want made in the future can be completed quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money on future maintenance and changes.

We do not charge any monthly website maintenance fee. So once your website is done and paid for, you do not incur any additional charges for the design unless you want new work or maintenance work done to the website. Then work is done on our current per hour fee.

Also, we will never hold your website hostage. Even if we purchase your domain name for you, it will be in your name and address, so you will own that. Plus, once the website design work is paid for, we will be happy to share with you all the files, logins and passwords related to your website.

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Advertising Your Website

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After your website is posted and we have added all the appropriate keywords to each page, optimized it and submitted your website to many search engines, how easily and how often your website is utilized and found is really dependent upon your advertising of your website. We are not in the advertising business and do not provide this service. We will have done all we can do, now it will be up to you to add your website url/address to every bit of advertising you do. Put your website url on your windows, business cards, letterhead, brochures, give-aways, phone listings, bill boards, and any other print, TV or radio advertising you do.

It is our opinion that services you might purchase which guarantee you that your website will always appear at the top or in the top ten (10) slots of any search is a scam and we do not recommend such services. Where your website appears in a search is very dependant on how a potential customer searches and what they put in Google for example. So, for example, you are the author of say, an art book. If your potential customer puts your name or the name of your book in Google, your website should come up in the top ten (10) positions in the search. If, however, your customer puts something very generic in the search line, like "book" or even "art book", then you probably won't come up in the first ten (10) listings unless you are paying that search engine as an advertiser, which is also a possibility. You certainly can hire and pay a legitimate advertising firm who specializes in advertising your website on the Internet.

Thus, besides having a well designed website, which we will do everytime, it is up to you to pick out a relavant, simple and memorable domain name and then get that domain name and your url out there for your customers to see and remember when they set down at their computer to search for you.

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