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Services? What services can I expect to receive for my money? Our services are detailed below.

Website Domain Name Purchase

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If you do not already own your domain name, you can purchase it yourself or we can work with you and purchase that for you in your name, so you own it, not us. We will need your credit card information for this puchase only and we will send you the receipt. Your investment is about $10 to $15 or less per year and we can save you a little by purchasing your domain name for 5 to 10 years, which is recommended.

We charge a small fee for providing this service unless we are designing and hosting your website, then we do this for you free of charge. It is advised that a domain name be purchased for a minimum of three years to increase the odds and shorten the time in which your website will be picked up by the various search engines and web crawlers. Also, if your website is a company or organization with its own name and address, there is no need to pay double and purchase a private domain.

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Website Hosting

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Hosting your website can be as minimal as $4.95 per month for a small informational website or $9.95 per month for an ecommerce website and depends entirely upon the amount of space you need on the web server for your website and e-mails. You can think of this as rent for server space for your website and e-mails. This is payable each year for the whole year. Even if you do not need our design services, we can host your site on our web server. Unlimited emails, forwarding and email spam protection is part of this service.

Of course, we highly recommend our Custom Website Design Services so you have a completely unique website designed for you along with all the services that includes. But if you prefer to do it yourself, once you have signed up and paid for our hosting services and we have setup your website space on our server, we can send you a link for our Free Site Builder, which includes several thousand templates and it will walk you through the steps to creating your own website in a very short amount of time.

Note: When we host or design your custom website, you are agreeing to our including a small, unobtrusive link to our website at the bottom of your copyright information on the bottom of each page. And we will include a photo link and name link to your website from our website, usually on our portfolio page.. Including reciprocal links to other websites is actually very beneficial to both parties as web crawlers and search engines look for these kinds of links.

The following services are included at no additional charge, when we host your website...

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Unlimited Emails

As part of our website hosting service, you will have unlimited emails for your business or organization. We will supply you with instructions to see your emails from any computer anywhere at any time or your emails can be forwarded to another email address or you can set up a computer to receive a particular email. There are several email options here and we will work with you to set up the ones most convenient for you.

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Email Spam Protection

Our hosting servers include email spam protection as much as is possible and will eliminate much unwanted email.

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Custom Website Design

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The following design services are included at no additional charge, when we design and host your website...

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Unique Custom Design

We will work closely with you to create a unique custom design based on your vision, your logo, your color choices and your information. Once the design is created and approved by you, the creation of the pages will proceed as quickly as is possible.

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CSS and Templates

Your design will include the design of custom CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) coding and at least one custom template so changes you want made to your website in the future can be completed quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money on future maintenance and changes.

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Logical Website Organization

Your website and website files will be arranged logically and efficiently, thus making it easier for your customers to understand your products and services and allowing any website designer to understand and make changes or improvements to your website in the future, thus saving you time and money.

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Intuitive Website Navigation

Your website will be designed for intuitive and easily understood navigation and links for the benefit and ease of use by your customers. Links will be intuitive, logical, apparant, and repeated at the bottom of each page and easy to use. We have many menu navigation design tools at our disposal, including drop down, fly out menus and accordian style menus.

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Photo Enhancement and Resizing

Any photos you want to use on your website will receive individual care to enhance, crop and resize each photo to the appropriate size so your pages will not take too long to view by your customers. Small photos are often linked to a larger version so your customers can view the photo details more easily.

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Emails Scrambled for Spamming Protection

Any email link listed on your website pages will be scrambled in the code to help protect you from spammers who use atomated computers to search for email addresses on website pages. Thus, your actual email will not appear on the website page, just a scrambled link so that interested persons may click on the "Email Us" link that will open their email on their computer and they can then email you their questions or comments.

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Meta Page Details Added to Each Page

A unique title, a description and keywords will be included in the heading code of each page to maximize your website placement by search engines so your customers may find your website as easily as possible.

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Website Search Engine Page Optimization

Also, as part of our website design service, each page and the photos on that page willl be optimized for the web. This includes optimizing each photo added to your website and running special software to make sure you each page and your whole website is as good as possible and meets all the qualifications necessary for search engines and web crawlers to add your website to their search engines at the highest possible level.

Read more about our Search Engine Optimization Services.

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Custom Footers and Copyright Info

A unique footer will be created to include a simplified menu for your site, appropriate copyright information and an unobtrusive link to our website design service website.

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Custom Favicon Design

Custom favicon design and posting is part of our service to you when we design your website. What is a favicon you ask? From Wikipedia, "A favicon (short for 'favorites icon'), also known as a website icon, page icon or urlicon, is an icon associated with a particular website or webpage. A web designer can create such icons in several ways and many recent web browsers can then make use of them. Browsers that support them may display them in the browser's URL bar, next to the site's name in lists of bookmarks, and next to the page's title in a tabbed document interface. Some operating systems, like Windows, will also often use the favicon for Internet shortcuts to sites placed on the desktop or in other directories."

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View Your Website Progress

Your website will temporarily be posted on the Internet under our own website so you can view the progress and let us know what you like or do not like. We will send you the link via your email. When your website is like you want it to be, we will then post it to your domain name.

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How Long Will All This Take?

The time it takes to complete a website from start to finish depends upon various factors: the complexity of the site requirements and programming, whether or not site copy and/or photos are being provided or if we are expected to do those, whether there is an available logo to build a design around or are we developing a site from scratch, will we need to wait a new logo to be designed, will we be designing a new logo, how soon the needed materials are made available to us, the timeliness of responses to questions we have, etc. On average, Saturn delivers small sites within a month, basic sites in four to six weeks, intermediate sites in six to eight weeks, and technical sites in 10 to 12 weeks.

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Website URL Submissions to 50 Search Engines

As part of our website design, when your website is complete and approved by you and posted to your domain, we will submit your website URL to about 50 of the top search engines so your new website will be easily found. Because so many other search enginces use the top search engines to optain their own listings, this amounts to our submitting your website to literally hundreds of search engines at no extra charge to you.

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Free Website Corrections

After your website is posted, we allow about 30 days for you to let us know about any content corrections or changes that need to be made to your website without any additional charge.

Of course, any actual mistakes in spelling or grammer will be made anytime without charge for the life of your website. Just let us know. Later additions and changes to to your website will be done on a per page addition charge or at the current hourly rate charge, whichever is the least costly to you.

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Extra Website Design Options Available

Extra Website Services Available Click to Open/Close

The following special services are available for a reasonable additional

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Once we complete work on your website and it is posted to your domain, we invoice you for the remainder of the amount due, and then we will make adjustments to your site free for 30 days. Corrections of mistakes (spelling and such) can be made anytime when found for free. Then, we will be happy to do maintenance (make changes) and add updates to your website at the current per hour price. Most updates can easily be made by e-mailing us your information or photos for placement on your website and we endeavor to complete your requested changes within two business days.

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E Commerce

Simple E-commerce can be set up on your website including a photo of each item. The purchase buttons and choices are on your website with the actual purchase being made on the PayPal site (Note: an account at PayPal will have to be setup if you do not already have that.) After the purchase, your customer is returned to your website. With PayPal, the purchase is secure and your customer may use almost any method to purchase your items. You receive an e-mail from PayPal detailing the sale. Also you are charged fees by PayPal only when a purchase is made and these are comparable to normal merchant credit card fees.

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Database Driven Website

A Database driven website for e-commerce or other purposes can be designed and a person in your company trained to put the information on your database as needed. A database driven website is needed for more complicated e-commerce where there are lots of items that need to be searched by a customer on the website in different ways. (An example would be an auto supply dealorship or a store selling lots of different clothing items.) Expect this service to cost quite a bit more as this requires special software, setting up a database, the payment method and integrating the database into the website to include the search page, the items page and the individual item page.

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Special Website Elements

Slideshows, videos, blogs, forums, extra-long custom forms, reCaptcha for forms, text resize code etc., can be added to your website for an additional charge based on the time needed to add those items to your site. Be assured you won't be charged for any problem solving time needed to complete the projects.

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Other Languages Pages

We can add the Google free translation of webpages with the code and links necessary to translate your pages for a per hour fee to add that information or we can create individual pages for each language you need.

We can not guarantee the quality of the pages translated using the free on-line services, so if you require professional translation of the pages, you can have that done or we can have that done and create those pages for you on a per page or per hour basis, whichever is least expensive for you plus the cost of having the information professionally translated.

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Custom Logo Design

Custom logo design is available and the price depends on the complexity of the project. If you do not have a logo, we recommend our logo work which can include design of your letterhead, business cards and labels to maintain consistency across your advertising media.

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Flash Animation

Flash animation is available and again depends on the complexity of the project. A separate quote would be made for a flash project.

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Advertising Your Website

Advertising Your Website Click to Open/Close

After your website is posted and we have added all the appropriate keywords to each page, optimized it and submitted your website to many search engines, how easily and how often your website is utilized and found is really dependent upon your advertising of your website. We are not in the advertising business and do not provide this service. We will have done all we can do, now it will be up to you to add your website url/address to every bit of advertising you do. Put your website url on your business cards, letterhead, brochures, give-aways, phone listings, bill boards, and any other print, TV or radio advertising you do.

It is our opinion that services you might purchase which guarantee you that your website will always appear at the top or in the top ten (10) slots of any search is a scam and we do not recommend such services. Where your website appears in a search is very dependant on how a potential customer searches and what they put in Google search, for example. So, say you are the author of an art book. If your potential customer puts your name or the name of your book in Google, your website should come up in the top ten (10) positions in the search. If, however, your customer puts something very generic in the search line, like "book" or even "art book", then you probably won't come up in the first ten (10) listings unless you are paying that search engine as an advertiser, which is also a possibility. You certainly can hire and pay a legitimate advertising firm who specializes in advertising websites on the Internet.

Thus, besides having a well designed website, which we will do everytime, it is important to purchase a relavant, simple and memorable domain name and then get that domain name and your url out there for your customers to see and remember when they set down at their computer to search for you.

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