Why Have A Website?

The many reasons to have your own website are...

  • A website is extremely cost effective.

    Compared with TV, radio, direct mail, magazines, newspaper and other forms of media, the Web’s global audience and around-the-clock availability make it one of the most cost-effective means of reaching your audience. A typical website costs roughly the same as a large advertisement in a daily newspaper. A newspaper has a limited lifetime, whereas a website is way longer term.

  • A Website lets you be and appear more professional.

    Having your own domain name and website and e-mails using that domain name is invaluable in establishing a more professional image.

  • A website lets you reach your customers 24/7 - 365 days/year.

    A website works for you even while you sleep, your office or shop is closed or you are on vacation. Why should you stop selling or marketing your products and services when you go home at the end of the day?

  • A website lets you reach new, potential customers anywhere in the world at any time night or day.

    According to Nielsen-NetRatings.com, in one month, more than 200 million Americans access the web at least 30 times spending close to 30 hours online while visiting 50 or more web sites. If you count all of the English-speaking Internet users around the globe, this results in a total possible reach of almost 290 million people.

  • Your website can be multi-lingual, thus truly global, reaching even more customers worldwide.

    If you can sell globally, using language translation techniques, your website can be designed to be translated into many languages as needed, thus reaching an even larger audiance of potential customers.

  • A website will build your brand/product/service awareness & loyalty.

    Potential and current customers use the web to research and speak about products or services irrespective if you have a website. Using your website, you can join and engage this community.

  • A website will improve communication with new and existing customers.

    Using your website, you can engage in direct conversations with your customers and build a stronger, more loyal following.

  • A website means faster communication.

    Using blogs, email newsletters and campaigns means almost instant communication without the lag time of snail mail or traditional media advertising.

  • A website will establish goodwill & can make a call to action.

    By adding forms, sweepstakes and coupons to your website, you can increase contacts and sales 24/7.

  • A website is more timely as you can keep content fresh easily and more cost effectively.

    You can keep your website up-to-date far more frequently and less expensively than using traditional advertising media.

  • A website can adapt and grow with you.

    Your website designer can design your website so you initially put the most important information on your website and then can add to your website with greater details and additional pages as your time and budget allow.

  • A website will save valuable time and money printing and mailing the same company and product information over and over again.

    By having all your important information available on-line on your website all the time, you will definitely save printing and advertising costs. (You'll be saving forests too.)

  • A website will save customer service costs.

    How much of your staff time is taken up answering typical questions? Your website can answer these in more depth and with better results, over and over without the costs and the time.

  • A website can improve internal company systems.

    Using downloadable forms, internal and external communications, streamlining payment and other systems, a website costs less than paper shuffling and telephone calls.

  • A website can show you measurable results.

    Using traffic analysis, you can get a clear idea of the visitors to your website, and what they view. No other medium shows you such results based detail.

  • A website is simply expected by your customers.

    How many of your current or potential customers have asked for your website address? More and more businesses and consumers are using the web to find suppliers, products and services and research that information. Not having a website is akin to not having a telephone. In todays world of global technology and world economy, no company can afford not to have a web presence.

  • A website is already helping many of your competitors.

    If you don't have a website, rest assured, many of your competitors do. Why allow them to have this advantage over you? Contact us today.

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